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MUTEK Japan 2022
Group Performance
@Shibuya Stream Hall


Luna Woelle & Risako Nakamura & tibslc - Supported by NEWVIEW CYPHER SI+US/JP+DE 

"Robots, Out of Love" is a tale of incestuous AI robot "malformed children" born in a landfill, and the resulting drama of devastation burned into the lives of humans. The performance will be composed of a contemporary dancer, a 3D animation with elements of AR and original experimental ambient music.


「Robots out of Love」のテーマ「人間は愛に値するか」。物語はそんな、自然という母と人類という子の、愛をめぐる問いかけを未来に向けた。「与える」ことを忘れた人間の、閉じられた交換と内なる進化を、音楽とダンスパフォーマンス、3DCGアニメーションやAR、そして登場する空想のロボティクスに込めている。

Script, Costume: Risako Nakamura
Director of Art, CG: Luna Woelle
Music: tibslc
Choreography, Performance: Kana Kitty
XR Direction: hacha
Technical Support: Ayako Okamura (ayakooo), Yuki Matsuoka
Produced by: NEWVIEW CYPHER (Discont and Satoshi Muro)

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